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Imagine the Eagles playing a music festival in California on the same bill as the Doobie Brothers, Boz Scaggs, Bruce Springsteen, The Byrds, The Steve Miller Band, Don Henley and a host of others. With the AMERICAN HIGHWAY Tribute show... you can. 

'Step into your Chevy, buckle up, put the top down and slip on those Ray bans' as we take you on a musical journey back in time.

We'll travel back through some great classic American rock music from some of the best decades in popular music. You’ll hear songs from a collection of the most iconic bands and artists of that time including , Bob Seger, The Doobie Brothers, Lynryd Skynryd, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Derek & the Dominoes, Tom Petty, Neil Young and many many more.


Join us as we travel across a musical map of the US - we'll be driving  'state to state' as we venture onto.... THE AMERICAN HIGHWAY.

The American Highway is a live tribute band that brings to life the iconic and classic 70's (with a bit of 60's and a touch of the 80's) west coast style music.


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